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Master of Science (by research)



Application for research-based degree is open throughout the year. Interested applicants should first visit the website of the respective faculties to identify potential supervisor. Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS) encourages applicants to communicate with potential supervisor in the course of preparing the research proposal that is required for application for admission.


Upon filling the online application form, applicants must forward the copy of the relevant documents, such as the academic records and transcript together with the research proposal electronically. An application should be accompanied by processing fees of RM50 for Local applicants OR USD30 for International applicants.

Application shall be processed so that successful applicants can start their candidature in current academic semester. Applicants are encouraged to follow-up with IPS on the status of their application one months after submitting the application.


Admission Requirements


Bachelor's degree with honors in the relevant area from recognized institutions or equivalent professional qualifications that are recognized by the university.


An Applicant may choose to enrol as a full-time or part-time student subject to the study programme offered by the Faculty. However, international candidates may only register as full time students.

 Table 1: Duration of Study for Master's

Duration of Study



Students do not need to provide proof of any examinations, i.e. MUET, IELTS, TOEFL. By default, students need to write their thesis in English, but students are also allowed to write in Malay.


English Requirement

The certification should not be more than 2 years from the date test taken and registration of candidature. TOEFL Institutional Testing Program (ITP) is not accepted.


1. Students from countries of US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, in which English is their native language or the candidate graduated from an Institution of Higher Learning in which the medium of instruction is English. However,you must submit evidence of support as a proof.

2. International students with Bachelor and Masters’ degrees from Malaysian universities, English requirement is not needed.

All international students, registering as postgraduate student at UMP, and do not have the required English language proficiency equivalent to *IELTS 5.0 or *TOEFL Paper Based Test (500) or *TOEFL Computer Based Test (173) or *TOEFL Internet Based Test (60), are required to sit UMP English Proficiency Test (EPT)before registration at UMP. You must achieve at least Band 5.00 in EPT to fulfill the English Proficiency Requirements. A score below than Band 5.0, where required you to attend UMP English course(s) depending on your EPT result. Please refer to table below for details.



IELTS ≥ Band 5.0 * OR

Students can enroll to faculty.

TOEFL (PBT) ≥ 500 * OR

TOEFL (IBT) ≥ 60 * OR

TOEFL (CBT) ≥ 173 * OR

Has the academic qualifications obtained from any higher learning institution which uses the English Language as the medium of instruction.

UMP English Proficiency Test

(UMP-EPT)  ≥ Band 5.0

Students can enroll to faculty.

UMP English Proficiency Test

Band 3.0 ≤ UMP-EPT < Band 5.0

Provisional Admission

Students can enroll but they are not allowed to take any academic course except for English Proficiency Course(s).  

The students are required to register for UHP 2000 and at the end of course they are required to sit for UMP-EPT and achieve at least Band 5.0. They are given one (1) year to pass UMP-EPT, failing which they will be terminated from programme.

UMP English Proficiency Test

Band 0.00 ≤ UMP-EPT < Band 3.0

Provisional Admission

- Students can enroll but they are not allowed to take any academic course except for English Proficiency Course(s). 

The students are required to register for UHP 1000 and must achieve grade B to pass a course. Upon passing UHP 1000, the student are required to register for UHP 2000 and at the end of courses they are required to sit for UMP-EPT and achieve at least Band 5.0. Duration given to pass both courses is one (1) year, failing which they will be terminated from programme

*subject to change by Institute of Postgraduate Study

*More information refer REQUIREMENT FOR ADMISSION


All international students are required to apply for student pass for the purpose of their study at UMP. Students are required to have a valid student pass / visa at all times throughout their study at University of Malaysia Pahang. To renew the student pass / visa, all required documents must be submitted at least one (1) month before the expiry date stated in the student pass/visa. Failing to do so, an extra amount of MYR100 (USD 30) is imposed to obtain a special pass. The student pass/visa extension procedure normally takes about one and a half months to process.

The students must apply the calling visa with the reference of student pass (VDR) while abroad (hometown). They have to contact the International Office of UMP for calling visa (VDR) application process. They are required to inform the preferred Malaysian Mission Abroad / Embassy nearby in order to get the endorsed visa to Malaysia. They are only permitted to enter Malaysia when the approval is given and endorsed visa is obtained.

For further information on immigration matters, please contact the International Office of UMP at +609-549 2631 / 2613 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.